Q. Are the photographs of the Escorts on the site genuine?
A. Yes, absolutely. Unlike some escort sites, PremiumJetSet International takes the time to meet each and every Escort on the site. This is the only way that we can be sure that what you see is what you get.

Q. Is price indicated the only the money I will have to pay, or are there any extras?
A. The price quoted is the price you pay – unless of course you would like a dinner date, theatre trip etc – and it’s only correct that a gentleman should pay – we’re so old fashioned!

Q. Can I have two girls at the same time? Or even three?
A. There are many ladies who will double up on dates and this is usually indicated on her page. However, we always suggest that you ask, because many of the girls prefer to choose their extra companion beforehand.

Q. I need the lady to travel internationally, is that possible?
A. This will depend entirely on the lady in question – some are more able than others to accommodate international travel. Expect to pay a premium and expect to pay a deposit between 30% – 50% of the total price to confirm the booking.

Q. Are the girls escorted by any sort of bouncer?
A. We never discuss the security arrangements of the ladies, but please be assured that there is a back-up plan to safeguard them in the event of problems – but this does not usually involve chaperones!

Q. What if I dont like the lady after I see her? Can I cancel?
A. The arrangements you make with the ladies is entirely between you and them. PremiumJetSet International does not get involved in setting up dates and cannot be involved in any of the financial transactions that are agreed between two independent parties.

We suggest that if you are new to escorting, that you post messages on our JetSet Club Forum, where other members will gladly provide you with any details, or alternatively, send a private message to the lady you like for a private introduction and chat.

Q. Why can’t I post a negative review in the Review area?
A. The reviews are posted directly to the News and Reviews areas of the site. In the past, we have had to disable some reviews because of vindictive postings.

If you have a negative experience with a lady, please inform us using the Feedback area, because we can then take up the matter with the lady on your behalf. Alternatively, you can post to the Forum where the lady in question can answer for herself.

This isn’t censorship – we are just trying to be fair to all parties :)

Q. What if I have to cancel a booking made with an Escort?
A. Please call the Escort in question as soon as possible. DO NOT rely on email. Not only can it be notoriously unreliable, but the Escort in question might be busy and unable to check her email as regularly as normal. If you can’t reach her by telephone, leave a voicemail message. Telephone calls are more immediate and more personal.

Q. What happens if an Escort cancels an appointment?
A. Let’s face it, sometimes appointments need to be rearranged for a variety of reasons. Escorts have personal lives too and will occasionally need to reappoint – not often, but it can happen. The Escort concerned will usually call you in plenty of time, but a good client also knows that he should ring a day or so before the meeting just to confirm everything is ok… There’s no substitute for good two-way communication. Person with her own life going on and circumstances sometimes interfere. This is merely a tip and rarely happens, but it could.

Q. Can I recommend an Escort to PremiumJetSet International?
A. The majority of our Escorts join the site by way of recommendation from existing ladies. We do not encourage members to introduce new escorts, because occasionally in the past, some people have attempted to use the introduction as a means of gaining “favours” with the ladies concerned which has caused embarrassment and inconvenience all round. Independent escorts wanting to join our site should contact us directly with full details of their escorting career to date. If you are a long established client with an unblemished reputation with existing models, then of course, we welcome your input :)

Q. What is the best way to make initial contact with an Escort?
A. It really is preference as some guys who may be a little telephone shy, prefer to email, whilst others like to call and find emails impersonal. Please check the Escort’s page, because some do state a preference on contact methods. Please explain that you are a JetSet Club member and be sure to quote your user name.

Q. How can I assure an Escort I am a genuine client?
A. Wherever possible, always leave a valid contact number and a good time for the Escort to call you back to make arrangements (If you cannot leave a number at that time, then let the lady know you will call her back to make arrangements later), but be sure you leave valid contact details as this will instil confidence and sincerity of the booking.

Q. How far in advance should I try to book a date?
A. You can book as far ahead as possible, but please explain to the Escort, should anything alter on either side, it is important to let each other know sooner rather than later. Some clients book months in advance, some weeks, and some on the day. Again, diaries and timetables sometimes alter but if you are a spur of the minute kind of guy, be aware that it could be difficult to make a same day booking.

Q. What if I have to cancel my date?
A. If you have to cancel, please try to give the Escort as much notice as possible, if you cancel too close to the date, it would be taken a gesture of good will if you were to compensate the Escort somehow. Some guys offer half the fee some offer all, some guys offer to make it up at a later date. This is only a guidleline. Be please ensure you let the Escort know as soon as possible, because girls do talk to each other and it’s very easy to get a bad reputation simply by being discourteous and not letting the Escort know about the cancellation.

Q. How do I confirm my date?
A. Say for example you book a date tonight for tomorrow, then all you need do is ring the Angel in question in the morning before 11am ( wherever possible) and let her know all is ok for later. If it is some time in advance, it helps open up the date if you send gentle email reminders once a week just to say something like, ” Hi, hope you are having a nice day, looking forward to our date, talk soon”. Once again just a call on the day to ensure everything is ok for the time you have set aside. That will pave the way forward and by the time you meet up you will have already broken the ice and developed confidence in each other.

Q. What do I take to a date?
A. If your date is in a hotel, take a corkscrew to go with your wine, as most hotels do not provide them and it might not be wise to ask hotel staff up the room if you want total discretion. A nice bottle of wine, and maybe some small token for the date. Apart from that you only need to take yourself and your best smile :-)

Q. How should I dress?
A. This really does depend upon whether or not you had time to change and what your occupation is. For example, if you work in an office, you might be seeing your Escort en route to somewhere else, therefore you will really be going from work. If you have time to change, then be sure to go in something you feel comfortable in. If you are having a date where the Escort comes to visit you, then if you are overly concerned about neightbours etc., you could ask the Escort to dress in really casual clothes, but to bring all her exciting items along in a briefcase or a non-see through bag to change into. This is quite common and the Escorts do not have a problem with this. Again, caution and common sense apply here guys, as the girls will not feel comfortable attending a visit out dressed in the skimpiest of outfits. They will not want to draw unneccessary attention to themselves. Remember, they have to visit a lot of places sometimes and have their own lives to live maybe in the same area. Discretion is the key. The Escort lady has to be comfortable too. :)

Q. What if I do not have time to shower before leaving for my date?
A. Be sure to ask the Escort if you can have a quick shower upon arrival, she could maybe open the wine whilst you get freshened up.

Q. What is a sensible time to see an Escort?
A. Some Escorts are likely to be available on a morning time and if you explain that you can only see an Escort either on the way to the office or on the way back, then they are really understanding and will try their best to accommodate this. On an evening it depends upon the Escort, as some are ok for really late nights where others are not, you will need to ask what is the latest time that they would agree to.

Q. Where should I take my date if it is lengthy time?
A. This really depends, as some guys like to spend lots of time getting to know an Escort by chatting, dining out etc where others guys are mostly ‘hands on’. I would try to find out what Escort likes / dislikes to determine how you would like to spend the time. Find something you would feel really comfortable in doing and try to follow a pattern you feel good about.

Q. How can I ask if an Escort can provide certain types of services?
A. You could try emailing her if you do not want to ask outright and you are advised to establish the boundaries before the date itself wherever possible. Do not be afraid to ask, they will give you an honest answer and respect the fact that you took the time to ask instead of just assuming. This scores brownies points!

Q. How do I get the address or relevant information for my date?
A. Almost all Escorts will not divulge that info until they are sure you are genuine. This means simple things like providing valid contact numbers, ringing on time to confirm the date, being friendly and open so that the Escort feels safe enough to trust you with an address. Some Escorts never give out more than a local area guide until you actually turn up in a designated area for the final address. You must remember, the Escort may not have seen you before and so trust has to be earned on both sides. This is normal and common practise, so please do not take it to mean anything personal. The Escorts usually do this for a first date with a member they have not met before.

Q. Check list for when you leave:
A. Do I have my phone? Do I have my wallet? Do I have my watch? (some guys have actually left behind good expensive watches!) Do I have my car keys? Try to leave looking groomed and be discreet when leaving the building even if you are wearing a beaming smile :-)

Q. Can I change my user name?
A. We do allow user name changes, but only in certain circumstances, for example, when somebody has joined using their real name. We often refuse other requests to change due to the nature of the site. It is important to the ladies here that they know who they are communicating with.

Q. Could anyone using my PC see what I have been viewing on PremiumJetSet Elite Escort Directory?
A. Like most membership sites, PremiumJetSet.com uses cookies to control membership access. Occasionally, like any other web site, some images may be stored to your computer’s memory which in theory could be seen by others, if they knew what to look for. This will depend on your browser settings. For total peace of mind, we strongly recommend that you obtain a copy of Evidence Eliminator.

Q. I cannot access individual Escort’s galleries from my PC.
A. This is a rare problem, as the photographs do not normally cause any difficulties. Occasionally, on large galleries, some browsers can time-out before all of the pictures load. This usually only affects users on dial-up Internet connections and does not affect broadband connections. If you cannot see the gallery pages at all, it may be that a popup blocker or ad blocker is stopping a new window from opening. In this case, either hold down the shift or ctrl key when pressing the gallery link – or reconfigure any popup or ad blocking software that you might have installed on your PC. You can reset this in Internet Options by switching off the “block ads” option, which defaults to “on”.

Q. Can I get an Escort review that I posted removed?
A. No. When you post a review to the site, it becomes part of the JetSet Club members area content and we don’t remove it unless it is offensive, or the Escort concerned complains that it is unfair/untrue. All reviews, once posted, become the property and copyright of PremiumJetSet International.

If you didnt find ann answer to your question here please contact us directly and we would be happy to help.
PremiumJetSet International Team

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